Wireless TV Hear

Price : R 2950.00

TV hearing aid is specially for hearing disable people to listen to TV (or other audio devices). It can help to listen to TV sound clearly while other hearing aids can’t do it. In the market, hearing disable people can only find normal wireless headphone for watching TV, the worst thing is that it will make the hearing ability worse and worse by only adjust the volume louder for a long time. TV hearing aid can solve above problems.

Who need to buy TV hearing aid
1. Hearing disable people who want to watch TV, but don’t want to turn up the volume and disturb others or neibours, and want to avoid hearing becoming worse
2. Healthy people who want to watch TV without disturbing others and want to protect the hearing and improve clarity of TV sound.

Features and benefits :
1.Help hearing disable people to listen to TV sound clearly, without turning up the
volume and disturbing other people, and avoid listening ability becoming worse by
listening strong volume for a long time.

2.Automatic signal control: hearing disable people's adaptive faculty for volume
change is weak, our circuit will adjust the sudden change volume and make the
output volume stable, it will avoid strong signal hurting user's listening.

3.Voice clarifying circuitry: reduce background sound of TV, so that hard to hear
words and whispers“jump out”, making television dialog easier to understand.

4.Balance control: to adjust the left and right volume to be suitable for your own

5.Tone control: users can adjust the button to find the best feature.

(Each person's hearing is different, particularly if he/she has hearing loss, so tone
and balance control is very important for a hearing disable person. )

6.In-ear type design, help to reduce the noise around more efficiently.

7.Li-ion battery design, easy to use, save cost.

8.Auto power off function for transmitter.

9.One transmitter can meet several receivers, several users can listen in the same time.
B. Normal hearing aid function.
C. Wired headphone with hearing aid funct.



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