Smart Vibration Watch

Similar to Smart Watch ( only Android phone)

Never miss a call
Noisy environments can easily block
the sound of your mobile phone ringing

Never lose your mobile 
Be alerted when you and your
mobile are more than 5 meters apart

Ideal for everyone ( deaf and hearing): In a noisy area ,most people leave their cell phones in their pockets or handbags.
Examples : shopping mall,working in construction,silent phones in meeting room,silent calls in church,mosque etc... As a result they cannot hear calls or messages,

you will never miss a call /Whatup/Email /SMS !!


Smart Vibration watch  

Vibrates Incoming Whatup /skype /SMS ,Other Notifications new sync. 
Built in handfree,answer the call on watch.
25 second Vibration Alarm Watch ( three timers setting)

WAT UP Vibration Watch

bluetooth vibration bracelet

special offer


Works for all android phones.
Vibration Alarm
Vibration SMS/Wat up/email
Vibration emails
2 hours fully charged !

1,Caller’s name and number display.
2,Alert type: Vibrating only/vibrating and ringing, multi ring for option.
3,Ringing and Vibrate remind for SMS
4,Answer/Conversation/Reject Calls.
5, Calling record Sync automatically and View.
6,Phone contacts sync automatically , View and Dialing.
7, Music player. The WATCH can control the music to play or pause of your phone.
8,WATCH can search the Bluetooth device.
9,Bluetooth Notification: Download a “Bluetooth Notification” apk. in your Andriod phone, WATCH can sync ,remind and read all the news in your phone. Such as: Whatsapp, skype, MSN, Wechat, MSN, SMSand so on.
(Note: this APPLICATION only suit for Android smart phone)
10,Alarm/ stopwatch/ Calendar
11,Time and Date display
13.Transmission range: 5~10M
14.Accesories: Chareger, charge cable,English Manual
15.Battery: Lithium polymer battery




Wireless Tyre Monitor

Tyre pressure/temerature reading
Warning leak/High / Lo pressure.
No wiring
Easy to Install

R1750 4 wheels

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