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The Loud Lips of Life

sitting here…
watching my trees dance to the muted tune of a breeze
two birds lovingly wing their way through the sun-glistening evergreen
as a hummingbird stands on the wind for a Santa-red drink from its feeder.
squirrels play tag on the sculptured-brown forest carpet
while hundreds of bugs dance in the conical warm sun.
here I sit surrounded by my four cats
who occasionally open their mouths as if to say they're enjoying the view.
Life is signing to me for
there is no gentle whooosh of air through the trees,
or flipflipflipflip of the birds as they move through the air,
or the HUMMMM of the humming bird's singing wings,
or BUZZZZ of a congregation of bugs.
Where is that resounding crr-uunnch of dry-crisp wintery leaves being trampled on by squirrels?

I'm learning to read the Lips of Life.

What Is It Like To Be Deaf?

"What is it like to be deaf?"

People have asked me.

Deaf? Oh, hmm... how do I explain that?

Simple: I can't hear.

No, wait... it is much more than that.

It is similar to a goldfish in a bowl,

Always observing things going on.

People talking at all times.

It is like a man on his own island

Among foreigners.

Isolation is no stranger to me.

Relatives say hi and bye

But I sit for 5 hours among them

Taking great pleasure at amusing babies

Or being amused by TV.

Reading books, resting, helping out with food.

Natural curiosity perks up

Upon seeing great laughter, crying, anger.

Inquiring only to meet with a "Never mind" or

"Oh, it's not important".

Getting a summarized statement

Of the whole day.

I'm supposed to smile to show my happiness.

Little do they know how truly miserable I am.

People are in control of language usage,

I am at loss and really uncomfortable!

Always feeling like an outsider

Among the hearing people,

Even though it was not their intention.

Always assuming that I am part of them

By my physical presence, not understanding

The importance of communication.

Facing the choice between Deaf Event

weekend or a family reunion.

Facing the choice between the family commitment and Deaf friends.

I must make the choices constantly,

Any wonder why I choose Deaf friends???

I get such great pleasure at the Deaf clubs,

Before I realize it, it is already 2:00 am,

Whereas I anxiously look at the clock

Every few minutes at the Family Reunion.

With Deaf people, I feel so normal,

Our communication flows back and forth.

Catch up with little trivials, our daily life,

Our frustration in the bigger world,

Seeking the mutual understanding,

Contented smiles and laughter are musical.

So magical to me,

So attuned to each other's feelings.

True happiness is so important.

I feel more at home with Deaf people

Of various color, religion, short or tall.

Than I do among my own hearing relatives.

And you wonder why?

Our language is common.

We understand each other.

Being at loss of control

Of the environment that is communication,

People panic and retreat to avoid

Deaf people like the plague.

But Deaf people are still human beings

With dreams, desires, and needs

To belong, just like everyone else.

--Dianne Kinnee (Switras)

I Hear Your Hand (A Deaf Poem)

I got this from a friend and thought the poem was so beautiful. So, I thought I'd like to share that with you guys. smail

I Hear Your Hand

We cannot hear anything at all becasue we are deaf.

Cannont hear voices,
We can only see their mouths moving,
Cannot hear our own voices,
We can only feel it in our throats.
Cannot hear laughter,
We can only see it in their faces.

Cannot hear the sound of playing,
We can only see other people play,
Cannot hear the screams,
We only see their mouths open
or the startled reactions of people
around them.

Cannot hear weeping,
We only see their tear stained cheeks.
We only see it in their scowling faces and fingers shaking up and down our face.

Cannot hear love and peace in voices of beloved ones,
We only see love and peace in their faces.

Cannot hear our names being announced,
We only know if our friends, family or interpreters informs us.

Cannot hear the beat of music,
We only feel the vibrations,

Cannot hear the wind whistling through leaves on the trees, We only see the leaves moving and the trees swawying

Cannot hear the oceans; waves beating upon shores,
We only see them crashing forward, then retreating.

Cannot hear the foot steps in the darkness,
We only feel them.

Cannot hear the hum of machines around us,
We only feel them when we place our hands upon them.

Cannot hear the televisions, We only read the words on the screen with the help of closed captions.

Cannot hear the sounds the seasons bring to us,
We only see the changes the seasons bring to us.

The list can only be endless.
Hearing people's world is filled with sounds

Our world is filled with sights and vibrations.
They think we are missing out on the sounds.

We will never hear if hearing people put their mouths to our ears and scream down into them.

But we can hear golden sound very well - SILENCE.



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