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Hamburger Joke
Guy went into a restaurant and was very hungry. He heard they had good hamburgers. So, he sits down, the waiter comes over and he orders a hamburger, French fries and a coke.  After a long wait, the order finally arrives. By this time he is very hungry, but the burger looks great! It is huge and juicy and yummy looking. He takes a bite… and it is wonderful! He chews it down and takes another bite! Suddenly, he feels something in his mouth that isn’t so good… a hair. He pulls it out and is sickened! He calls the waiter over and tells him about his disgusting discovery. The waiter is sorry and says he will bring another burger. Eventually, he does. Same thing happens. The guy asks to see the cook. When he goes back into the kitchen, he notices that the cook is big ole bald guy! He asks the cook to make another burger while he watches. The guy grabs up the meat, forms the burger… and uses his underarm to get that extra little THING!

A deaf couple check into a motel. They retire early. In the middle of the night, the wife wakes her husband complaining of a headache and asks him to go to the car and get some aspirin from the glove compartment. Groggy with sleep, he struggles to get up, puts on his robe, and goes out of the room to his car. He finds the aspirin, and with the bottle in hand he turns toward the motel. But he cannot remember which room is his. After thinking a moment, he returns to the car, places his hand on the horn, holds it down, and waits. Very quickly the motel rooms light up, all but one. It's his wife's room, of course. He locks up his car and heads toward the room without a light.





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