Underpillow Alarm Clock



- Most powerful vibrator
- Easy to set function keys
- Easy to read .75 display
- Travel case with pillow clasp included
- Manually lighted display for up to 50% longer battery life
-Batteries Included: Yes
-Shipping Weight (lbs): 2
-Dimensions (in): 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.3


Product Description

Portable Vibration alarm clock comes with pillow strap with clasp. Shakes you awake with its powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsating alarm.It has optional setting, flaslight/ vibration/audio.You will never sleep through another appointment, work, or school again! Travel case with pillow clasp included Continuous four minute Snooze setting Swivel & flush mounted display protects settings Manually lighted display up to 50% longer battery life Complete with a loud 90db volume.





Wireless Tyre Monitor

Tyre pressure/temerature reading
Warning leak/High / Lo pressure.
No wiring
Easy to Install

R1750 4 wheels

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