Telephone Amplifier

VOX Boost telephone

TA 500 : R950.00 (power Supply)

TA 400 : R760.00 (Battery)


Geemarc Telephone Amplifier for hard of hearing

Works for all types of telephone.

telephone amplifier,increase volume


VOX Telephone Amplifier with Booster Button & Tone Control

Product Features
Receiving volume control up to 30dB and up to 40 dB gain with "boost" volume button
Receiving tone control: Bass -10dB max, Treble -10dB max
Automatically switches ON/OFF - voice detection
Light and portable
Automatic detection of best frequencies band makes it compatible to 99% of modern telephones
Sleek modern design
Simple connection



Telephone Amplifier R320.00

Requires 2 AA batteries
Available black or white

Portable Telephone Amplifier (TA200)

Product Features: 

  • Amplification up to +20dB
  • Tone control - 3 positions (Bass/Normal/Treble)
  • Strap for mounting on telephone handset or cellphone
    Telecoil compartible
  • Soft carrying case
  • Compatible with most telephones




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Wireless Tyre Pressure
Leak Alert,
Blow out alert
Digital tyre pressure
Easy installation
No Tools,Just batteries

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