Cellphone Bluetooth Loopset

Hearing aid users have a problem to communicate over a mobile phone
because of few reasons, the main reason is the creation of an acous interference that forming when the mobile phone handset is brought
close to the hearing aid.

What is Bluetooth Loopset ?

Bluetooth Loopset is a wireless mobile phone hands
free for Hearing aid users, the device allows clear
communication. It is enables hearing aid users to hear and
comprehend phone conversation with out
unnecessary struggle and problems.



Motorola Bluetooth


Price : R550.00

Works for Cochlear Hearing aids .For normal hearing aid, you need to find out if it has telecoil function or built in telecoil.



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Amazing Hot Stuff
Never been experienced before.
Use cell phone as handfree,like talking to yourself
Calls come direct to your hearing aid on "T"-switch
Clearly sound

When cell phone rings,Just press the "call " button as shown below

motorola loopset for deaf people

A versatile Bluetooth Neckloop is designed for wireless connection to Bluetooth enabled cellphone, PDA, laptop etc. It transfers clear mono (monaural) sounds to hearing aids. The bluetooth neckloop is build-in amplifier, you could hear loud voice clearly within 15cm range.

Features of Bluetooth Neckloop

Easy operation, one-touch answering
Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid
Hands-free cell phone communication
Small, lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time
Voice dialing available (need cellphone provider support)
Battery life 8 hours talking time or standby 150 hours
Build-in rechargeable battery
Cool blue light indicator

Specifications of Bluetooth Neckloop

Transmission range: to cellphone <10 meter
Bluetooth size: 2.7x5.9x1.9cm
color: Black
Integrated Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth passward is "0000"
Compatibility: Any cellphones that have bluetooth.
Battery life: talking time 8 hours, standby 150hours


motorola charger for hearing aids





Wireless Tyre Monitor

Tyre pressure/temerature reading
Warning leak/High / Lo pressure.
No wiring
Easy to Install

R1750 4 wheels

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