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Deaf shop
BUSINESS REG :2010 105978 23
Tel : 031 2086828 (interpreter)
Cell :082 636 9979 (interpreter)
Cell (sms only) : 083 786 2886 (deaf : Director)

Fax: 086 212 7861

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  Hearing Aid  
Hidden hearing aid email us
Behind Ear hearing aid email us
External Hearing aid email us
  Mobile Phone  
Motorola Bluetooth
Men Watch Mobile Alert
Plain Mobile Alert
Wat up Watch
  Listening Devices  
FM System 900
FM System 980
TV Loop
Wireless TV Hear
Cellphone Amplifier Loop
Bomb Alarm
Sonic Alarm
Amplifier Telephone TA500 (power supply)
Amplifier Telephone TA400 (Battery)
Amplifier Cordless Phone
Amplifier telephone Strap (TA200) White
Amplifier telephone Strap (TA200) BLACK
Universal Door bell
(Can pair to fire/intercom alert/baby monitor )
TO buy Pager, email us
Vibration Baby Cry Monitor
Sound and pager
Flash light optional, can pair to universal door bell.
Note : To buy exter pager or sound Dectector, email us.

Deaf Quip Package
Door bell and ringer flash light
two pagers
sound detector
Alert detector

Any to order sepearate
Email us

email us
Telephone Loud Ringer
Light On

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