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NOTE : Some hearing aids has 3 modes.One is "OFF", one is "ON" and other is "T".

It allows hearing impaired people to hear more clearly. Most hearing aids have a ‘T’ or ‘MT’ switch which allows them to pick up the better sound from the wire. The hearing aid converts this signal into a sound suited to its user’s specific hearing requirements.

Any hearing impaired person positioned within or near the wire ( see all the Bluetooth/listening devices/audio) and switch 'T' or 'MT' on hearing aid to the correct position, allowing to recieve the sound from the wire.

.No matter how high the volume is,there will be no whistles sounds in when using in ‘T’ or ‘MT’ postion.

No more shouting , put the speakers volume more disturbance when using in ‘T’ or ‘MT’ switch and listen from the wire.


The wire is like normal wire but manufactured in very special for hearing aid use.It could be placed around your neck or run the wire around the room.The hearing aid picks the sounds from the wire.

Where can I find ‘T’ or ‘MT’ switch ?

T = T-Coil .Background Shut off. Only listen to the Device.
MT = Microphone and T-coil . Hearing normal including background and listening to the Device
M = Microphone . It is normal Swich like ON.Listening to normal sounds Without any devices.

In the Above image the aid has a three position switch;
T = telecoil
H = high microphone
L = low microphone


Below Both image : Both are Found in Octicon Hearing Aids.Both are different Models.

M = Microphone (normal)
T = Telecoil .Listening to device.Background shut off
O = Off

On top of switch as shown by arrow sign.
On M position = move switch Sideway which one you prefer "MT" or "M"

MT = Microphone and Telecoil Listening to normal and device
M = Microphone ( normal )
T = Telecoil .Listening to device only.Background shut off.
O = Off

Digital hearing aids

T coil (T Mode) switch can be adjusted by audiologist.T coil is known as tele coil.

Most of Hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes, but many have a ‘T’ or ‘MT’ switch. Some hearing aid have a program button or a three position switch with ‘T’ and/or ‘MT’ positions, you probably have a ‘T’ coil. If not fitted they can often be retrofitted with a coil, depending on the model of aid you have.

Cochlear Implant

It has t coil switch.Diagram as below




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