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Cellphones, Cordless Phones and Cancer - Real Warnings!

 Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 2:58pm

This is one of most important entries I have written. I feel badly that I haven't posted this information earlier, but I wanted to do additional research. I have sent emails to people I know with phones which appear to be more hazardous than I ever expected. For the last 15 years, I have been following research on the effects of non-ionizing radiation produced by cellphones. Our entire family and most of our staff and guests use them. Knowing their hazards makes using them a bit geeky and definitely less convenient, but, importantly, somewhat safer. In any case - let's start with the recommendations from a stellar panel of scientists from the planet's premier universities. First, this information is from a study released in August, Cellphones and Brain Tumors 15 Reasons for Concern - Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone. The authors advocate the adopting the precautionary principle"

The precautionary principle applies where scientific evidence is insufficient, inconclusive or uncertain and preliminary scientific evaluation indicates that there are reasonable grounds for concern that the potentially dangerous effects on the environment, human, animal or plant health may be inconsistent with the high level of protection chosen. (European Commission Communication on the Precautionary Principle - 2nd February 2000: In Cellphones and Brain Tumours....)

Finding that published information regarding microwave radiation to be insufficient, uncertain, manipulated and even biased and that a variety of peer reviewed studies demonstrate correlations between the use of cellphones and cancer, the study recommends taking personal responsibility and lists actions you can take. Below is a modified version of their list:

1.       Use a wired headset, speaker option, or text. (Bluetooth uses microwaves to communicate with the earpiece.)

2.       Keep the cellphone away from your body. Use a holster; keep on the outside of a purse, messenger bag, backpack, etc.

3.       Avoid use in a car, train, bus, or plane. Vehicles are metal and microwaves are reflected by metal ricocheting until they dissipate their energy.

4.       Avoid use in rural areas moving vehicles or wherever there are less than full bars. The greater the distance from antennas, the greater power the cellphone will generate. Distance equals "more power"

5.       Use cellphones as answering machines. Leave off until you can use it to check calls.

6.       Use a corded landline whenever possible to return calls.

7.       Avoid cordless phones. Recent studies indicate that they also increase the risk of cancer.

8.       Avoid use inside buildings, particularly with steel structures

9.       Do not allow children to sleep with the phone - under their pillow or on their bedside table

10.   Do not allow your children under 18 to use cellphones except in an emergency

For those of you who have stuck with me - the following are details from the above study. Here are the 15 reasons for concern summarized:

1.       Industry's own research showed cellphones caused brain tumors

2.       Subsequent industry-funded research also showed that using a cellphone elevated the risk of brain tumors

3.       Interphone studies, published to date, consistently show use of a cellphone for less than 10 years protects the user from a brain tumor.

4.       Despite the systemic-protective-skewing of all results in Interphone studies, significant risk for brain tumors from cellphone use was still found.

5.       Studies independent of industry funding show what would be expected if wireless phones cause brain tumors.

6.       The danger of brain tumors from cellphone use is highest in children, and the younger a child is when he/she starts using a cellphone, the higher the risk.

7.       There have been numerous governmental warnings about children's use of cellphones.

8.       Exposure limits for cellphones are based only on the danger from heating.

9.       An overwhelming majority of the European Parliament has voted for a set of changes based on "health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields."

10.   Cellphone radiation damages DNA, an undisputed cause of cancer.

11.   Cellphone radiation has been shown to cause the blood-brain barrier to leak.

12.   Cellphone user manuals warn customers to keep the cellphone away from the body even when the cellphone is not in use.

13.   Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warning for cordless phones.

14.   For Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology, the FCC warns, "This equipment should be installed an operated with a minimum distance of 20 centimeters (almost 8 inches) between the radiator and your body." The radiation from these phones is based on GSM cellphone technology.

15.   Male fertility is damaged by cellphone radiation.




almost everyone has their cell phone by their side every minute of every hour. The cell phone is even charged on your end table right while you sleep. So when your phone rings and you are in bed, you are able to constantly talk. But a new study says having the cell phone by your side while sleeping, will cause you many problems. The study was conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), used seventy-one men and women between the ages of eighteen and forty-five. Their task was to be exposed to "mobile phone radiation" as they were about to sleep. Many phones have 884 MHz wireless signals, which have been linked to affecting one's sleep. In addition those who use their cell phones before sleep have more headaches and are much more tired.



Will a mobile in my pocket damage sperm?

Yes. One study shows heavy use lowers sperm count by 30 per cent.

Should my child sleep with his mobile under his pillow?

No. Phones should be kept at least a metre away, where the radiation they give off drops dramatically.

What about keeping a mobile by my bed as an alarm clock?

It is best to switch it off completely. Even just sitting there, it sends a signal to the nearest mast every few minutes.




10. Some suggest using a BlueTooth head piece.






Why is it important to get good quality sleep? If you don't get into the deeper phases of sleep your body cannot repair itself. The repair process occurs at night while the body is resting. This is when the cells rejuvenate. This repair process only happens in the deeper phases of sleep so good quality sleep is vital to our health. Did you know that 81% of young people 15 to 20 years of age sleep with their cell phone on? Considering the value of melatonin to our health the implications of this statistic are frightening. Both from a sleep issue and from the proximity of the cell phone to the brain of these young people. And don't let your child sleep with their cell phone on at night. Turn it off. They'll live the night without it.




When sleeping, keep your mobile phone at least 5 feet away from your bed.




Can you get brain cancer from sleeping with cell phone?

i sleep by mine right on the side of my pillow, so it's rather close to my head. i am now worried that i might get brain cancer from this. is this a possibility? the reason i sleep with it is because i use it for my alarm.
should i stop?
i do NOT want brain cancer just because i am too lazy to buy a real alarm clock.